Health Services

Our pharmacists are here to provide health services and support you with any health concerns that you may have. It’s important to have conversations about health in a comfortable setting with healthcare professionals you can trust.

Why Choose Us

We know that our customers deserve better when it comes to their health. We aim to deliver a different experiences throughout.

Blood cholesterol monitoring

Ensuring that your cholesterol levels are in-check is a critical part of reducing your overall cardiovascular risk of disease.

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Blood glucose monitoring

Monitoring your blood glucose levels is an essential part of managing diabetes and the complications associated with this disease.

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Blood pressure monitoring

Monitoring your blood pressure is important to prevent blood pressure related diseases such as heart and kidney conditions, stroke and blindness.

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All of our pharmacies form part of the pharmacy of your choice (POYC) scheme, for you to collect your free medicines at your convenience.

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Urine Testing

An analysis of urine is a useful test which gives an indication of whether you have a certain condition such as an infection, diabetes or kidney disease.

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