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Speech Language Pathology

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Speech Language Pathology

We offer a comprehensive list of services of specialised care to the Maltese community in our pharmacies across Malta and Gozo. JV Pharma has an increased understanding of personal healthcare needs, complicated illnesses and patient individuality.

Speech Therapists

What they do

Speech language pathologists (SLPs), are experts in communication, who work with people of all ages (from children to adults) to assess, treat and prevent many speech, language and swallowing disorders.


That may warrant a visit

If you or your child are experiencing issues in modes of communication or swallowing, then you might want to consider a visit to speech language pathologist. Some of the most common disorders within this field, are due to difficulties in:

  • Cognitive communication – this relates to how well our minds work. Problems may involve attention, problem solving, organisation, memory and/or other thinking skills.
  • Feeding & swallowing (dysphagia) – how efficiently we chew, suck and swallow food. Dysphagia may result malnutrition, weight loss and other health problems.
  • Fluency of speech (stuttering) – this is how well speech flows. Someone who stutters may repeat sounds, like t-t-t-toothbrush, use “um” or “uh”, or alternatively, pause many times whilst talking. It is not uncommon that children go through a time when they stutter, however, many outgrow it.
  • Language (aphasia) – this is the comprehension and production of speech and our ability to read or write. This typically occurs in adults after a head injury or stroke.
  • Social communication (pragmatics) – this is how well a listener understands what a speaker is trying to tell him or her, based upon contributing factors such as preceding dialogues, the person’s mental state or their chosen communicative speech.
  • Speech sounds (dysarthia) – this is how we say sounds and put sounds together into words using our tongue and muscles in our mouth. Dysarthia commonly occurs in adults following a stroke or brain injury, in Parkinson’s disease and Multiple Sclerosis.

In attendance

Ms. Sarah Agius
Speech Language Pathology
JV's Pharmacy

  • +356 2137 1062
  • 8, Wied is-Swieqi, Swieqi

Clinic Hours
Monday: 1:00pm - 4:00pm