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Doctor Specialities


We offer a comprehensive list of services of specialised care to the Maltese community in our pharmacies across Malta and Gozo. JV Pharma has an increased understanding of personal healthcare needs, complicated illnesses and patient individuality.


What they do

Counsellors are healthcare professionals who provide support to people with emotional distress, assist those suffering from mental health disorders, and provide counseling to families, individuals, couples and groups. The ultimate goal is for them to work with patients to help them learn better ways to manage their problems.

Although psychotherapists, counsellors and psychiatrists are all professionals within the realm of mental health, there are some notable differences between the three, in terms of education, training and additional responsibilities.

  • Mainly use talk therapy as guidance and support to the individual to help him/her identify means of better managing their life or adjust to change or adversity.
  • Counseling focuses on present problems and situations.
  • Action and behavior focused.
  • Use talk therapy, but may also include provide other psychological or diagnostic services in their sessions, such as personality tests and cognitive behavioural therapy.
  • Psychotherapy is usually a form of longer-term treatment that focuses more on gaining insight into chronic physical and emotional problems, through an in-depth analysis on the person’s thought processes, and how these may have been influenced by past events.
  • Feeling and experience focused.
  • While psychiatrists are trained and qualified to provide psychotherapy, psychiatrists tend to focus on pharmacotherapy and medication management services. Out of the three, they are the only licensed medical doctors, therefore are also able to prescribe medication.
  • Psychiatrists are experts in the diagnosis of mood disorders such as anxiety and depression, and more complex psychiatric disorders such as bipolar and schizophrenia.

That may warrant a visit

  • You have difficulties in building and maintaining relationships
  • You are feeling overwhelmed
  • You need to identify ways of coping with stress
  • You are going through a transition such as a divorce or grief

In attendance

Ms. Veronica Debono
Spiżerija Kappara

  • +356 2138 1776
  • Żbibu Lane, San Ġwann

Clinic Hours
Available Monday - Saturday. As per request.

JV's Pharmacy

  • +356 2137 1062
  • 8, Wied is-Swieqi, Swieqi

Clinic Hours
Monday - Friday: 6:00pm - 7:30pm
Saturday: 6:00pm - 6:45pm.

As per request.