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We import a variety of pharmaceutical brands that are the leaders in their relevant categories.

ActiKid® is a leading healthcare brand, based in the UK, promoting healthy living for children. ActiKid® products contain carefully researched formulas of vitamins and minerals to contribute to your child’s normal brain function, skin, eyes, immune and nervous systems, metabolism and energy levels so they can maximise their potential. ActiKid® draws on the latest scientific research and development to bring you products manufactured to the highest pharmaceutical standards with the best quality natural ingredients.

Eva Intima® is a female intimate product range by Intermed Pharmaceutical Laboratories in Greece, that promote female vaginal health. Eva Intima® products consist of carefully researched formulas of specific and effective ingredients that contribute towards maintaining a healthy vaginal environment with the intent to prevent dryness, infection or imbalances in pH.

Medicare® is a complete range of certified quality medical devices, healthcare consumable and pharmacy OTC products by Fleming Medical (Ireland), a family-owned business dedicated to partnering with healthcare and pharmacy professionals. Fleming Medical can be compartmentalised into 3 categories:

  1. Pharmacy – Pharmacy supplies to improve patients’ lives like first aid, footcare, home health first-aid and infection control.
  2. Sports Supports – Supports and tapes with the latest design and fabric technologies, that have been developed alongside physiotherapists and professional athletes in order to provide outstanding comfort and support to aid in injury recovery.
  3. Diagnostics– Medical devices that are used to measure medical paramaters to stay on top of your health.

O.R.S. Hydration Tablets are electrolyte replacement tablets that have been specifically formulated to replace salts in the body in situations where water isn’t enough.  Formulated by pharmacists in accordance to the scientific studies and recommendations by the World Health Organisation, these effervescent tablets replenish the body’s water and electrolytes  in a tasty flavour.

The Valupak® brand provides a range of high quality supplements and vitamins at a low cost to people all over the world. Manufactured in the UK, these supplements also meet a number of consumer requirements: 

  1. Suitable for Adults & Children 12+ years
  2. Vegetarian
  3. Gluten free
  4. Sugar & Preservative free

Please note that the prices indicated in the supplier websites may vary and are not indicative of local prices. For more information on prices and purchases from JV Pharma Ltd., please contact our sales team.

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Summary of Product Characteristics

The Summary of Product Characteristics (SPC) is a document describing the properties and the officially approved conditions of the use of a medicine, which form the basis of information for healthcare professionals on how to use the medicine safely and effectively. 

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Healthcare Professionals

This page is intended to assist healthcare professionals such as doctors, pharmacists and nurses in their professional practice by facilitating their access to the SPCs of our brands. As a result we strive to ensure the effective and reliable use of the pharmaceutical products that we represent.

List of


Pharmaceutical Product



Articlox® 2mg/1ml Solution for Injection (Uni-Pharma Pharm. Laboratories S.A.)


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Hemafer® 50mg/5ml oral solution (Uni-Pharma Pharm. Laboratories S.A.)


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Livial® 2.5mg tablets (Merck Sharp & Dohme Ltd.)


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Opralix® 2.5%+2.5% w/w cream (Intermed S.A.)


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O.R.S.® Oral Rehydration Salts (Clinova Ltd.)


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T4® 25, 50 and 100mcg  Tablets (Uni-Pharma Pharm. Laboratories S.A.)


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Uniplex® 5%w/w cream (Uni-Pharma Pharmaceutical Laboratories S.A.)


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 Dilaclan 500 mg capsules


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ABIOCLAV 400 mg/57 mg/5 ml powder for oral suspension 


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Trebon-N Gr.or.d -100, -200 & -600 mg/sachet

Trebon-N Pd.or.sus -100, & -200 mg/5l


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APOTEL 125, 250 & 500 mg suppositories

APOTEL 120 mg/5 ml syrup


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Frequently Asked

Who should I contact if I want to speak to a medical representative?

You can contact one of our medical representatives via e-mail or phonecall.
Rachel Galea –; +356 7989807
Andrea Gargano –; +356 77549281

Where can I purchase these products?

Our imported products are available for purchase from all pharmacies across Malta and Gozo.

Who can I contact for any queries related to sales?

All of the above mentioned products are distributed by JV Pharma Ltd. If you have any queries related to sales or would like to make an order, our sales team is here to help. You can contact them on 2143 7551 or