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01/06/18 - Boys trip to Sicily

Boys trip to Sicily

Taking full advantage of a public holiday falling on a Friday, the Directors decided to treat the male staff at JV Pharma to a relaxing long weekend in Sicily. From sipping beers...

01/05/18 - Medicare Malta Conference

Medicare Malta Conference

Medicare is a vast range of medical equipment and consumables by Fleming medical (Ireland). They range from first aid kits and products to dressings, portable nebulisers and many...

01/11/17 - New Pharmacy – Kappara Pharmacy

New Pharmacy – Kappara Pharmacy

JV Pharma is proud to announce its recent takeover of Kappara Pharmacy, which makes it the 12th pharmacy in the company's retail...

01/08/16 - JV PHARMA and JV Healthcare teams go to Sicily

JV PHARMA and JV Healthcare teams go to Sicily

For the 25th Anniversary of JV Pharma, the Directors decided to treat the team to a 2-night trip to Sicily in order to celebrate its success over the years. Having more than a 60...

01/09/15 - JV PHARMA girls on tour

JV PHARMA girls on tour

When the boys are away the girls will play. . . and so they did! Taking advantage of the long weekend, and leaving the boys at work, the girls enjoyed their little getaway in...

01/05/15 - Bonding with the boys

Bonding with the boys

Boys will be boys. . . from quad biking to BBQs it was definitely a jam-packed weekend full of adventure for all our adrenaline junkies. Rest assured that after all the physical...