Local Representation

Although JV PHARMA has the ability to create a strong presence of products throughout the island, it firmly believes that presence alone is not an adequate strategy. Owing to this, JV Pharma’s marketing team focuses on delivering the following services:

  • Merchandising – JV PHARMA ensures correct product placement and the maintenance of such shelf space within key pharmacies. This is mainly done by sales and medical representatives through several visits and investments;
  • Advertising – JV PHARMA has invested, and continues to invest in several advertising campaigns for its products which it imports;
  • Promotions – JV PHARMA operates various promotional campaigns to its client retailers;
  • Retail Relations – JV PHARMA has a team of professional sales and medical representatives that not only ensure target revenues are reached for their imported products, but also develop and maintain relations with all pharmacies across the islands;
  • Professional Relations – JV PHARMA represents both OTC and prescription-based products and therefore ensures that influencers of the market are adequately educated on new and existing products imported by JV PHARMA.

Our target markets encompass both the Private sector, which we attend to on a daily basis through our local distribution network, as well as the Public sector through government tenders, where we are able to supply the Maltese government with their pharmaceutical requests.