Pharmacy of your choice (POYC)

The Pharmacy of Your Choice (POYC) scheme is a national pharmaceutical service which provides thousands of patients’ suffering from a chronic disease with free medicines and/or pharmaceutical devices through the government, under the legislation of Schedule V and Schedule II.






1. How do I change the pharmacy I wish to collect my free medicines under the Schedule V scheme?


If you were previously registered with another pharmacy and wish to change the pharmacy of your choice, complete the change in pharmacy form. Give the completed form to the managing pharmacist at the pharmacy and he/she will send this document to the POYC unit where your registration will be transferred.


2. I am a diabetic patient, when and how will I collect the glucose monitoring meter I am entitled to?


Once your medical practitioner has marked you as a diabetic patient, you will receive a letter from the POYC unit stating your entitlement to the blood glucose meter and monitoring strips. Take this document to the pharmacy that you are registered with, and the managing pharmacy will contact POYC for the delivery of the items. Once received in the pharmacy, the pharmacist will contact you for collection. Upon collection, you will be asked to sign a document, of which a copy is given to the patient and the other which is kept in the pharmacy.


3. How often will patients do I need to collect my entitled medication?


Patients are to collect their medicines from their local pharmacy every 28 days (1 month) for controlled drugs (Green prescriptions) and every 56 days (2 months) for all other pharmaceuticals. Every time you collect your medicines, your pharmacist will write down your next due date. In order to allow sufficient time for your medicines to be prepared, be sure to drop off all your necessary documents 2-3 days before this date, and return to the pharmacy within the following days for collection.


4. What do I do if my control card expires?


If you have a control card, it is good to note that this expires every year after which you would need to renew it as without it you will not be able to collect your psychotropic medication. To renew your control card, visit your medical practitioner to fill and sign the application form for narcotic or psychotropic substances. Take this, together with a GREEN prescription to the Drug Drug Control Unit at St Luke’s Hospital (Monday to Friday 8am – 1pm) or at the Drug Control Unit office in Paola (8am- 1pm), and they will issue a new control card.


Alternatively, you may also renew your control card by sending all the required documentation through the post.2 If you choose to use this service, send all the documentation to the unit and they will send you the Control Card by post at your home address.